Do you know all online advertising terms?

Talking with a client or just chatting with friend about my work sometimes become really complicated for my friends and then even for me. I’ll explain. I’ve come across such a great phrase as “if it is new for you it doesn’t mean that this is new ” and this works vice versa. So, talking about PPC advertising it is really difficult to speak without using specific terms and it is easier to explain them once then always try to avoid those. And to describe the whole picture and be clear here goes the list of online advertising terms, maybe those definitions will help you to clear up something or you can just use them and show your friends in order not to explain all those terms by yourself:)

Ad Impressions
is the display (serving) of an online ad
Page Impression
or page view is the call of a complete web page by a browser
Display Advertising
includes all forms of visual banner/button/tower ads that may be any mix of images, video, sound, text and interactivity.
Ad Serving
is the process/technology associated with delivering (serving) and tracking online ads.
Ad Trafficking
is the process of supplying campaign creative materials and tracking links to publishers through an ad serving platform.
Ad Op
Advertising Opportunity
Cost Per Actionpayment model for advertising. Publisher is paid for actions that occur on site as a direct result of the advertising.
Cost Per Click payment model for advertising. Publisher is paid for clicks delivered as a direct result of the advertising.
is the cost per 1000 ads served by a publisher.
Click Through Rate
Post Click Tracking
is the process/technology for measuring the effectiveness of an ad campaign after the viewer has clicked on an ad. This is typically done using ‘tags’ that measure the pages viewed on a web site directly following a clickthrough.
Post Impression Tracking
as above but focuses on tracking interactions with an ad after the impression is served. Interactions may include “replaying” a movie within the ad, submitting data through the ad and initiating a rich media component of an ad such as expanding a banner down. This type of tracking allows advertisers to see how users engage with the ad prior to clicking through.
Text links
are ads that rely soley on words to communicate the advertising message with no supporting imagery.


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